Subaru halts development of plug-in hybrid models – report

Subaru halts development of plug-in hybrid models - report

Plug-in hybrid powertrains aren’t expected to be part of Subaru’s future, as the company is focusing on hybrid and electric cars instead.

Japanese automaker Subaru will shift its focus to electric and traditional hybrid vehicles, with plug-in hybrids no longer part of the company’s future plans, according to a new overseas report.

While some in the auto industry see plug-in hybrids as a stepping stone between petrol engines and electric cars – which typically offer between 50 and 80 km of electric driving before the petrol engine kicks in – news agency Nikkei reports that Subaru has now stopped developing plug-in hybrid engines to cut costs.

The report claims the Japanese automaker will instead focus on pure electric powertrains, as well as its traditional hybrid cars – which, unlike plug-in hybrids, use a small electric motor to assist with acceleration to improve emissions and fuel economy. like a strong tailwind.

Buyers in Australia will soon have the opportunity to purchase Subaru’s first foray into battery-powered vehicles, with the Solterra — an electric SUV co-developed with Toyota — also due to be available locally in 2023.

The decision to end development of plug-in hybrids means more money and resources could be used to improve Subaru’s hybrid models, which have been criticized for not delivering the same fuel savings as their counterparts from other brands .

In June 2022, Subaru Australia boss Blair Read said drive The company was already working on better and more efficient hybrid technology.

“For us, hybrid was … an entry into the technology. We’ve had reasonable success, I would say,” Mr Read said at the time.

“We have seen good acceptance from existing customers who have switched (to hybrid models) and it has been a first hybrid transition for them.

“Would we like to see the technology become more fuel efficient and offer customers better performance and efficiency? Absolutely. That’s something that’s in the pipeline and something we’re working toward,” he said.

Mr Read confirmed that Subaru is investing in the development of hybrid and electric cars, with advances in these areas set to be introduced in the coming years.

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