Stranger Things creators tease final season show will mirror season 1

Every season of Netflix Weird stuff has allowed creators Matt and Ross Duffer to explore slightly different tones, mixing action, horror and humor to varying degrees, with the upcoming final season set to embrace the general tone of the debut season. In this regard, rather than leaning on one specific note, it will be an amalgam of everything audiences have come to love about the program over the years, meaning not only a lot of genre elements, but a lot of heart. The fifth and final season of Weird stuff is not expected to premiere on Netflix until 2024.

“[Season 5]the way we see it is kind of a culmination of all seasons, so it has a little bit of each,” Ross Duffer told an FYC event, per Variety. “While for each season it was so clear… [Season] 3 is our big blockbuster season with big monsters, and [Season] 4 was the psychological horror. I think what we’re trying to do is kind of go back to the beginning, kind of like the tone of 1.”

With each season of the series also increasing in size, the latest season seems to continue that trend, even if the overall tone is more reminiscent of Season 1’s intimate nature.

Regarding the scale of these final episodes, Ross confirmed it was “more in line with what” [Season] 4″ and that “hopefully it has a little bit of everything.”

In addition to the upcoming episodes that are more in line in tone with how the entire series started, the story will also focus more on these characters we’ve been with over the past six years, rather than introducing too many new supporting characters.

“As important as the supernatural, we now have so many characters, most of whom are still alive,” Ross said. “It’s important to wrap up those arcs because a lot of these characters have grown since Season 1. So it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their character arcs and also tying up these loose ends and making our final reveals.”

Stay tuned for more information on the final season of Weird stuff.

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