Stranger Things creators changed the plan for the original series’ ending after the release of Season 4

Stranger things has become a ubiquitous part of popular culture during its Netflix run, and there’s undeniably a lot of hype to watch the show finally come to an end. The show has been confirmed to end with its upcoming fifth and final season, and it’s anyone’s guess how the series will hold onto the landing. According to new comments from series creators Ross and Matt Duffer during WGFestival 2022 (via Netflix’s TUDUM), even they reevaluated their original plan for the ending after the release of Season 4 earlier this year.

“We re-read the document,” Matt explained. “We’re like, ‘That’s cool, that’s cool. That could be much better. That could be much better.'”

“Even the ending is a little different [now]Matt said of the new ending. “A lot of the big ideas are the same, but the things that happen inside are very different.”

How will Stranger things end?

As the Duffer Brothers explained in an interview earlier this year, their original pitch for the end of the series certainly went down well with Netflix executives.

“Listen. It’s our process, but it’s like we’re really trying to focus on one season at a time,” co-creator Ross Duffer explained in an interview with The cover earlier this year. “We have a sketch for season 5 and we pitched it to Netflix and they really responded well to it. I mean it was hard. It’s the end of the story. I saw executives crying I’ve never seen before crying and it was wild And it’s not just about the story but the fact that it’s like oh my god this thing that has defined so much of our lives these Netflix people who have been with us since the beginning seven years now, and it’s hard to imagine the journey coming to an end.”

“But we wrote it during the pandemic shutdown, the outline for 5, and then I didn’t even look at it honestly because it’s just too overwhelming,” Duffer continued. “We’re going into it.”

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Stranger things will return to Netflix at a later date.

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