Stranger Things actress confesses trauma of working in Hollywood

Grace Van Dien stood out in the role of cheerleader Chrissy Cunnigham in Stranger thingsof the Netflix. However, not all of the actress’s experiences were positive in the acting world.

According to the Weekly entertainmentVan Dien said in a broadcast on Twitch that he turned down several roles in Hollywood and turned to streaming because of bad experiences, mainly an indecent proposal he received from a producer.

“The fact is, over the last few projects I’ve worked on, I haven’t had the best experiences with some of the people I’ve worked for. And streaming allows me to choose who I hang out with, who I talk to, etc. ”

She added: “One of the last movies I did, one of the producers asked me – he hired a girl he slept with and then asked her to have a threesome with them. So this is my boss. And then I didn’t and I cried and I was so upset.”

Grace Van Dien is 26 years old, before that Stranger things she performed The Village, The Disciples of Charles Manson, The Binge, V for VendettaIt is The rookie. She currently has about 280,000 fans on Twitch and shows her skills in games like Valorant, Fortnite, The Forest It is Overexpected.

Stranger Things season 5 has no new characters

Will (Noash Schnapp), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Joyce (Winona Ryder), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Hopper (David Harbour) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in Stranger Things (Play/Netflix)

Netflix has been renewed Stranger things for the fifth and final season, and Matt Duffer, one of the creators of the series, said he will not add any new characters to the plot.

“I like to shake things up, so we shake things up by changing the plot or adding a new monster. We do our best to resist [a adicionar novos personagens] for season five. We try not to do that so we can focus on the original characters.”

Ross Duffer, the series’ other creator, explained that he doesn’t want to compromise the plot and risks putting new things into it now.

“We have a great cast of characters and actors here, and every time we spend on a new character, we’re taking time away from someone else. So we’re very, very careful who we introduce.”

On the new chapters, Ross confirms that audiences can expect long episodes especially at the end.

“We don’t really like shows where the penultimate episode is very strong and the last one just shows the effects of what happens in the previous one. What we have to do is write a last chapter of 2h30, like we did in season 4”.

The fifth season of Stranger things still has no release date.

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