Stephen Amell rebels with message from Elon Musk on Twitter

Recently Elon Musk took over the lead tweet🇧🇷 But the social network that was a phenomenon has faced several problems ranging from user evasion, stability issues, and even employee revolt and firing.

People who are still on Twitter wasted no time making all sorts of memes about what’s happening on the social network, and mostly to mock Musk.

Musk published a famous meme featuring a character from the Arrowverse to symbolize that the old Twitter died and a new one emerged.

The meme is the famous photo of Gun Gustin, the Barry Allen / Flash, squatting making the peace sign in front of Oliver Queen’s grave. Instead of Gustin’s face and tombstone, the blue bird Twitter icons were placed.

Stephen Amellwho played Oliver Queen Arrow, it seems that he is one of those who expressed dissatisfaction with the situation on Twitter and reacted to the rich man’s publication. The actor wrote: “Oliver Queen is alive…”

This is Amell’s way of saying that his character is still alive, as opposed to the social network that is dying, or has died for many. At the end of Arrow, Queen died, but theories arose that he returned as a Specter or was still alive in another dimension.

Amell doesn’t like the meme

Stephen Amell has long expressed his displeasure with this meme and its popularity.

In October last year, there was a brief period when the main sites of the Meta company, which includes Facebook, Whats App, Instagram), all went down at the same time, leading the public to Twitter.

After a user created the meme featuring Grant Gustin and the grave to celebrate Twitter as the sole survivor of the social media’s demise, Amell flared up saying, “Fuck anyone reusing this photo.”

Grant Gustin in front of Oliver Queen’s grave (Reproduction)

Twitter from Elon Musk

After months of negotiations, Elon Musk bought Twitter in early November this year. Throughout this process, the entrepreneur’s decisions on whether or not to buy Twitter affected the price of the social network.

As soon as he took control of Twitter, Musk immediately fired the team running the company, after which several employees, in addition to sending emails with the new work rules, considered hardcore by many people.

Another fact that bothered many people was the determination to pay a monthly fee to have a verified account. Which gave rise to several trolls posing as famous people and companies.

It was reported this Friday (18) that several employees were leaving Twitter because they disagreed with Musk’s rules. In turn, rumors circulated that Musk was asking for help from people who know how to code.

If things continue like this, Elon Musk’s reign on Twitter will be shorter than thought.

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