Steam Deck now supports the highest rated new game of 2023

The Steam Deck now officially supports the top-rated new game of 2023. While the crown of the most popular game of 2023 to date is undoubtedly worn Hogwarts legacythe top-rated game of 2023 is not so clear cut. Technically, the top-rated release of 2023 is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Full Edition on Xbox Series X, but this isn’t technically a new game. The highest rated new release of 2023 is Hi-Fi Rushw with an 89 on Metacritic. That said, sitting on the throne is the Xbox Series X version of Hogwarts legacy and and Xbox Series X version of Empty space, both of which also have an 89 on Metacritic. of these games Hi-Fi hurry now officially supports Steam Deck, according to a new tweet from Bethesdaits publisher.

As the official game pitch states below, Hi-Fi Rush is from Bethesda’s team Tango Gameworks, the team best known for The evil within series, and most recently known for Ghostwire: Tokyo. Notably, it is owned by Shinji Mikami, the creator of resident evil. The game made a splash on January 25 when it was released, partly because of its quality, but also because no one knew it existed until it was released out of the blue.

“Feel the beat as wannabe rock star Chai and his ragtag team of allies take on an evil robot-enhancing megacorp with raucous rhythm battles! From Tango Gameworks, the studio you The evil within And Ghostwire: Tokyo (no, really) is coming Hi-Fi hurry an all new action game where the characters, world and battles are stylishly in sync with the music!”

An official story description continues: “After a shady corporate experiment accidentally attaches a music player to his heart, Chai is now labeled ‘defective’ and must now fight for his freedom in a slick animated world where everything – platforming puzzles, enemy attacks and even the colorful jokes & banter – are synced to the beat.”

Now that the game officially supports the Steam Deck, it should run smoother and more consistently on the Steam device. Fortunately, while the game is great, it doesn’t put too many demands on your hardware, unlike some of last year’s best games, so it should be a great experience on Steam Deck.

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