Star Wars introduces a force older than the Jedi

The Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic have been allies for about 25,000 years in their efforts to bring order to the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars has now introduced something older and possibly more powerful than both. SPOILERS for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch follow episode “Entombed”. “Entombed” brings a different energy The bad party than what is typical of a Star Wars story. The episode finds the Batch between missions for Cid. Omega and Wrecker go in search of valuable scrap metal. While Tech doesn’t recognize anything of value in their loot, Phee Genoa, Cid’s treasure-hunting friend, does.

Phee sees an ornate compass with coordinates for the Kaldar Trinary system. The system has not been mapped, but Phee believes it contains treasures. Upon arrival, they land on a barren, devastated planet. The compass leads them to a forest and a structure hidden in a mountain.

Phee thinks they’ve found the entrance to Skara Nal, a legendary place said to be home to a treasure known only as the Heart of the Mountain. Phee explains that the treasure belonged to the Ancients, who even predate the long-lived Jedi Order. Tech seems to confirm this information when he dates the structure in the mountain as having been built before the founding of the Republic, founded around the same time as the Jedi Order.

An Indiana Jones-style adventure ensues as Phee and the Bad Batch explore the ruins, avoid traps and solve puzzles. But the heart of the mountain is not something they expected. Moving him from his seat activates an Ancient mecha-robot walker. Supposedly created by the ancients, the walker’s design looks more like something out of Star Trek or Mass Effect than Star Wars. The walker goes on a rampage until Tech returns the mountain’s heart, disabling and destroying the walker.

That’s just a taste of the power of Ancient technology. While we don’t have any further details on the Ancients, the existence of Skara Nel suggests that their technology could exist elsewhere, waiting for someone to find it.

As if to bring home the Indiana Jones vibe, the episode ends with Phee discussing a legendary chalice that might as well be the Holy Grail. Meanwhile, Star Wars fans are already comparing “Entombed” to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. That’s partly because the Bad Batch’s journey through Skara seems like Nal Fallen order‘s exploratory gameplay. It’s also because the Ancient’s walker reminded them of the Zeffo technology that Cal Kestis discovers in the game, even though no explicit connection between the two is made in this episode. Some also think the technology resembles the monstrous Zillo Beast Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays.

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