Spy x Family takes Anya’s friendship plan to the next level

Spy x Family has completed a major arc in the manga that saw Anya Forger and the rest of her Eden Academy classmates trapped in a deadly hostage situation, and the latest chapter of the series sees her friendship plan with Damien Desmond taken to the next level! In the previous chapter of the series, we see Anya and the others safely escaping the threat of hijacking (thanks to Anya intervening as much as possible through the use of her psychic abilities), now the students reunite with their families as they finally decompress from such a tough situation.

As the latest chapter of the series reveals the immediate consequences of the Eden Academy’s child rescue, it is revealed that both Anya and Damien have been awarded Stella Stars thanks to their bravery in the situation. This makes Anya think back to the day of the incident, and it’s here that her brief moment friendship plan really pays off and she becomes a full-on friend with Damien. But from now on it gets more complicated.

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Are Anya and Damien finally friends?

Chapter 75 of Spy x Family reveals that Anya and Damien were two of the last students waiting for their parents to pick them up. It is here that Damien reflects on his own actions (and the fact that he held Anya’s hand during the pursuit), and apologizes to Anya for causing her so much trouble despite being so brave. It’s here that Anya compliments him instead, saying he was also super cool for volunteering his own life to save hers. Damien comments that it was a “hero move” and is embarrassed.

Anya says it’s nothing more than what friends do for each other, realizes her plan has finally paid off and then immediately invites herself to his house to meet his parents. Here Damien then brushes her off once more, thinking she is just trying to cash in on the Desmond name. So it’s a step forward and a big step back. It’s not the only thing Anya has to worry about, because Damien’s mother Melinda is also hiding a big secret from her son.

There’s quite a bit to discover for the Desmond family in the upcoming chapters, and Anya really needs to strengthen their friendship to make it work. What do you think of Anya and Damien’s current status? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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