Spy x Family Sets New Rating Record With Season One

Spy x Family is back with season one, and it looks like the show hasn’t lost an ounce of steam during its absence. The show has only gotten bigger since the fall season kicked off. And now a new report confirms that Spy x Family is breaking records with the second half of the first season.

The news comes from Tadashi Sudo when the writer was able to speak to the president of TV Tokyo. It was there that the journalist said the director loved Spy x Family as the episodes continue to garner record ratings.

What does Spy x Family do?

According to the president, Spy x Family season one is the “best of all programs on all stations for the July 2022 season.” This time frame runs through October 2, as Spy x Family had previously returned to television. And while cable’s live ratings may be 1.8%, the number of people recording or streaming Spy x Family for later viewing is staggeringly higher.

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How much higher? The president suggests it is at least four times as high. As for season one and its mid-season premiere, the show garnered record ratings with its comeback. Spy x Family had a massive 6% rating when the first season returned, although the live audience rating was 3.6%. So if anything, Spy x Family may want to shift its timeslot to accommodate the audience that needs to record episodes.

If you haven’t checked out Spy x Family yet, you have plenty of time to do so. Season one still releases new episodes weekly and Crunchyroll is simulcasting. You can also catch the rest of the season there or on Hulu. So if you need more information about Spy x Family, you can read the official blurb below:

“Master Spy Twilight is unrivaled when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions for the betterment of the world. But when he is given the ultimate assignment – get married and have a child – he can finally be head over heels dependent on others, Twilight has his work cut out to get both a wife and a child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn’t know is that the woman he has chosen is a hit man and the child he has adopted is a telepath!”

What do you think of this latest record? Do you keep track of Spy x Family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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