Spy x Family predicts dark future for the counterfeiters

In a busy anime season like this, Spy x Family remains a standout when it comes to new anime franchises that have taken the world by storm. As the story of the Forger continues to play out through the first anime season of Wit Studio and CloverWorks, the normally light-hearted story took a dark turn when a bleak future was predicted thanks to Bond Forger’s futuristic prowess. As the series progresses, it’s clear that Twilight’s mission will be much more difficult, despite the Forgers adding an important new addition to their nuclear family.

The bleak future for the Forgers was revealed by Bond Forger, with Anya using her telepathic powers to read the dog’s mind and ensure her father was not killed in an explosion caused by terrorists waging a war between the two warring factions. wanted to unleash. countries that Loid wants to keep peace between. As Anya finds out, Twilight would be killed thanks to a bomb planted in a door he would open, while the Forgers’ daughter set out with Bond in an attempt to change the future. Whether this prediction will still come true is still a guess, though it seems Anya managed to save her father’s life.

The official Twitter account for Spy x Family spread the word that the latest installment of the popular anime, episode fourteen, was now available to stream, giving us a closer look at the clairvoyant dog and his powers that could have saved the forgers from a dark future:

The official description for episode fourteen of Spy x Family reads as such from Crunchyroll:

Anya meets a mysterious dog who can see into the future. With the help of the dog, they were able to escape from the terrorists, but in the end they fall back into the hands of the terrorists. And then Yor appears and attacks the enemy! Shortly after the dog looks into the future again. The vision Anya saw through the dog’s mind, Loid was unconscious and buried under the remains of a building that had been bombed. To prevent this future, Anya and the dog go to the place where the incident takes place!”

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