Spy x Family is dropping a major Stella Star update

Spy x Family keeps itself busy even without its anime on the air. As fans await season two and the show’s first movie, all eyes are on the manga. After all, creator Tatsuya Endo releases weekly updates, and his most recent post gave fans a major Stella star update.

What can it be? Well, it looks like a bunch of them just got awarded. Just the manga wrapped up its recent mini-arc featuring an awards show, and it honored the freshmen who kept their cool during their class’s hostage crisis.

So yes, that does mean Anya Forger has another star to her name. The heroine now has two Stella stares as she earned the first one some time ago. That was shortly after news broke that she had saved a drowning man in Loid hospital, and we all know that Anya was pleased with the win.

As for the other recipients, Becky Blackbell was gifted her first Stella star for her help. Damian Desmond got his too, and Bill Watkins from Wald Hall got a star as a present. With all these counted, it looks like Anya is still leading her year when it comes to stars, but there’s plenty of time left for those odds to change.

Of course, Anya also has the most bolts of her year. The girl earned her first shortly after school started when she punched Damian in the face. With two of each badge to her name, Anya is sure to make a name for herself at Eden College. But if she’s lucky, she’ll keep her bolts to a minimum as she moves forward… but probably not.

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