Spy x Family Cliffhanger unravels a dark family secret of Desmond

Spy x Family has become a powerhouse thanks to the anime, but of course we have the manga to thank for the story. Tatsuya Endo keeps the series fresh each week with their updates, and this week’s addition ended on a rather dark note. After all, a theory about the Desmond family has been confirmed and puts Damian’s mother in a horrific light.

The update went live the other day day when chapter 75 dropped for fans. It was there where fans watched Anya and her classmates unite with their parents once their hostage crisis was over. Of course, Yor was quick to check on Anya, but Damian was sure no one would check on him. That wasn’t the case when his mom Melinda showed up, but Anya found that might be the worst part.

After all, it seems that Melinda is anything but a devoted parent. Despite her outward concern for Damian, Anya is able to read the woman’s mind, and it turns out that Melinda had wanted her youngest child to die in the hostage situation.

The unnerving scene happened at the very end when Anya read all of Melinda’s thoughts. Things changed when Damian asked his mom to keep his tears a secret, and she started an internal tirade from there. “If only he had died in the hijacking. If only I hadn’t been saddled with this kid. How I loathe him. My curse. I pray he doesn’t stay with me. I don’t care,” they read.

These dark thoughts are interspersed with loving thoughts, so it’s hard to tell what Melinda is really thinking. This could be a case of dissociative identity disorder, but Damian’s mother could also be keeping her hatred for the boy a secret. Anyway, it looks like Anya’s girlfriend is having a harder time at home than we thought.

Did this Spy x Family cliffhanger surprise you…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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