Splatoon 3 Celebrates Pokemon Scarlet And Violet With Splatfest Crossover

Nintendo brings together Splatoon and Pokemon with a Pokemon theme Splatoon 3 event quickly perfectly timed to celebrate the upcoming launch of Pokemon Scarlet and purple. During this event, the new Splatoon game will feature a triple Splatfest referring to the Grass, Fire, and Water-type Pokemon that players always choose from when embarking on their new Pokemon journeys. However, the event doesn’t start until November 11, so it’s unclear right now if there’s anything else involved or if it’ll be limited to a Splatfest.

Nintendo announced the cross-promotional event this week in posts on the company’s social accounts featuring several Splatoon Inklings mimicking the grass, fire, and water options with their designs. When the event kicks off, players will find themselves tuned into one of those three options, with the event seemingly playing out like a normal Splatfest, aside from the Pokemon references.

This Splatfest starts on November 11 at 4 PM and ends just two days later on November 13 at 4 PM PT. Once everything is in place, Nintendo said it will be handing out rewards to Splatfest participants, with those who win getting more than others. What those rewards will be is not yet said.

“After you’ve made your choice, you’ll take part in Splatfest Battles, where the goal is to paint as much of the stage as possible without getting splashed too often,” Nintendo said. “At the end of the event, the winning side is revealed and in-game goodies are handed out (with the winning side getting more, of course).”

Nintendo could of course do this kind of cross-brand promotion in Splatoon at any time given the number of different properties it owns, but it makes the most sense to do so in October as the new Pokemon games are slated to release. to be released on November 18. Those games have been getting more and more attention lately through trailers and one-off announcements, like the long trailer released this week that revealed new Pokemon and more gameplay mechanics.

Splatoon 3’s Pokemon-themed Splatfest kicks off November 11, so watch for more details on rewards and as we get closer to that date.

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