Sonic the Hedgehog debuts alongside a surprise fall anime

The Isekai genre remains an important element in the anime world as the specific anime that falls under its umbrella will normally focus on a protagonist who has entered a world different from their own, usually making them wanting new gain skills that can make them the greatest hero or villain of that world. Earlier this year, anime fans saw the arrival of one of the weirdest, most hilarious Isekai series released to date, featuring an elderly protagonist whose love for Sega has fueled a crossover with none other than Sonic The Hedgehog.

Uncle from another world has recently hit some rough patches with its release schedule, as the anime adaptation had to postpone episodes for several weeks thanks to a coronavirus outbreak that left most of their animators unable to work on new episodes. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer for new episodes to return, as the Isekai plans to return sometime this month. The series’ titular uncle hilariously journeyed through the magical world he was now stranded in, using skills he’d learned from playing the Sega Genesis for years, even making a direct reference to Sonic the Hedgehog in the final episode.

Hedgehog from another world

An official website has been created for this unique crossover, in which the hugely overworked Uncle tries to outrun Sonic, with recent episodes taking the opportunity to show how much Isekai’s protagonist loves both Sonic The Hedgehog and the various characters that emerged from the video game publishers at Sega:

(Photo: Atelier Pontdarc & Sega)

Uncle specifically takes the opportunity throughout the series to inform his nephew about the various adventures he had in the mystical world where he acquired magical abilities, and during one of his quests he came across a certain monster that he couldn’t wait to meet to meet. . When fellow adventurers told him that a giant hedgehog was running amok and chewing up nearby residents, Uncle thought this might be the real Sonic The Hedgehog, but was ultimately quite disappointed when it was revealed that this particular beast is neither fast nor blue. .

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