Solo star Emilia Clarke discusses whether she would return as Qi’ra

One of the greatest successes of Solo: A Star Wars Story was Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra, as evidenced by the character’s return in several Star Wars comics, leading audiences to hope that Clarke might return as the character, though the actor’s most recent reaction to the idea makes it unlikely any time soon . Have previously played in Game of Thrones and also starring in the upcoming one Secret invasion series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clarke has a lot of experience in huge franchises, so while she supports Qi’ra’s return, it personally sounds like she wouldn’t reprise the role.

“I mean… no,” Clarke joked IndieWire when asked if she was pursuing a return as Qi’ra. “That would be nice, that would be really nice. I’m having a really bad time with Marvel, but they’re absolutely brilliant.”

Based on this response, it seems Clarke isn’t necessarily ruling out a possible return, but also that it’s not at the top of her wish list at the moment. Her comments about having a “bad time”. Secret invasionplaying Abigail Brand could mean her involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will keep her busy for the foreseeable future, so it’s possible her commitments to that franchise will keep her from taking part in another major project.

Even if Clarke isn’t necessarily pursuing a Qi’ra return right now, the actor has a history of revealing her love for the character and her legacy.

“I really had pages of what her life was like and what it would be like afterward,” Clarke confirmed The Hollywood Reporter about the character in 2021. “But I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything that’s the case, so maybe I’ll just write it down and send it to [Lucasfilm]. I’ll say, ‘Hey guys, I’ve got some ideas.'”

During Solo‘s release, there seemed to be a lot of potential for the movie to get sequels or spin-offs, but disappointing financial and critical response seemed to stall the storytelling’s future. With Qi’ra’s fate specifically appearing to hold a lot of potential for a return, fans were disappointed to see Lucasfilm’s interest in the character stagnant. Fortunately, Qi’ra returned for the War of the Bounty Hunters comic book event, revealing how the figure had survived the events of the original trilogy and even had run-ins with Leia.

Stay tuned for details on Qi’ra’s possible return.

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