Solange Frazão says she found out about the betrayal of Humberto Martins and the end of the marriage in a magazine

Fitness muse who rocked in the 90s was married to the Globo heartthrob from 1999 to 2001: ‘We were in a hurry’

Play/Retry TV!/GloboSolange Frazão and Humberto Martins were married for two years

The model Solange Frazao gave details of what the end of his marriage to the actor was like Humberto Martins. They came to him when the artist needed help getting in shape, as he was going to play a heartthrob in a soap opera. According to the ’90s fitness muse, the relationship was “beautiful” at first, but the conflict of schedules separated the couple. “He already had two children, I had three. We got married out of respect for the children. But I think we entered this marriage with urgency. Humberto, his life is in Rio de Janeiro, my life was here [em São Paulo]in the programs [de TV]. I was very involved in my work here and he was there. We started to be very absent from each other’s lives and it started to make things much more complicated. In the end, we realized that there was no future, that it wouldn’t work, because there was a time when we didn’t see each other for four months,” Solange said in an interview with “Sensacional,” on RedeTV!.

The artists got married in 1999 and the divorce controversially happened two years later in 2001. Solange said that she learned about the end of her relationship through a magazine and that Humberto was already with someone else at that time. “I was at an event and the person for it [recepcionando] said, “I saw you on the cover of the magazine, what a shame the marriage ended.” I said, ‘Get married? He’s ready?’. And he said, ‘Yes, marriage. Sorry, I’m so sorry’. I ran to the bank there [quando] I arrived there was a picture of us and a picture of Humberto holding hands with another [mulher], but we already knew that the marriage was not going well,” the model reports. Humberto is currently on the air at “Intersection”, soap opera that occupies the prime time of Globe. Solange said it was always her dream to find a “charming prince” and her mother warned her not to dream too much about it. The artist said that she spent a lot of time looking for a perfect man, but then came to the conclusion that the “prince” she wanted so much does not exist.

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