Slumberland Star Kyle Chandler Debunks Deadpool 2 Cable Rumors (Exclusive)

Kyle Chandler has played numerous popular roles that have become memorable for his fans, starting from Coach Taylor Friday night lights into the agent Patrick Denham The Wolf of Wall Street and much more. Soon it will appear on Netflix Slumberland, a story based on a comic that Chandler is well versed in from the early 1900s. Despite rumors circulating about the character’s casting hunt, Chandler was never formally told she was in the running to play Marvel’s Cable character in Deadpool 2.. The actor spoke to at a press event for Slumberland where he debunked the rumour.

“I’ve always heard that,” Chandler admitted. ‘I never called. Never heard of it, never got the check or the call. Neither!’ Years ago, reports suggested Chandler was Tim Miller’s choice for Cable, but Miller ended up not directing dead pool 2 and the role of Cable went to Josh Brolin in a franchise with an uncertain future, despite Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine for the third installment as Marvel Studios takes control Deadpool after Fox was making the movies. The future of Brolin, or lack thereof, as Cable is unknown. Chandler, meanwhile, is in a comic book movie of her own.

Chandler’s work Slumberland which comes out on Netflix today. Slumberland is loosely based on a comic strip first published in 1905 by Windsor McCay entitled Little Nemo in Slumberland. Chandler is quite a fan. “Windsor McCay, who’s a really interesting guy because it went from ’05 to ’26, actually,” Chandler began to explain. And then he jumps back and forth working with Hearst and, or the New York Herald. And at one point he works for [William Randolph] Hearst and when the Lusitania is sunk, Hearst doesn’t want to talk about it because he doesn’t want the states involved in the war. But McKay, he, he gets a little pissed off because he, he’s being held back and so he does an animated version and it’s the earliest known animated version of a documentary and/or a dramatic documentary. He spends his own money and spends 22 months sinking the Lusitania. And if you look it up on YouTube, it’s incredible. He has made gertie the dinosaur, but he also made this comic.”

Slumberland certainly takes its own creative liberties when adapting McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland story, but offers one of the most memorable images from the book its own place in the film. When a bed starts moving on your TV screen, know that it came straight from McCay’s brain over 100 years ago. “This whole movie comes from a really deep background of a really incredible man,” Chandler concluded.

The full interview can be seen in the video above. Would you like to see Chandler take part in a superhero saga? Are you excited for Slumberland? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way Twitter! Slumberland is now on Netflix.

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