Simone creates a climate in ‘Domingão’ by exposing her current relationship with Simaria; watch

Singer hinted that she has been blocked on social media by her sister since the duo’s breakup

Play/GlobeSimone Mendes started a solo career after splitting up with Simaria

The singer Simone Mendeswho embarked on a solo career after the duo he had with simaria to be broken, participated last Sunday in “Domingão com Huck”, 16. In the attraction, the artist commented on her relationship with her sister after they stopped singing together. “Are you fighting or is your family life still alive and only professional life stopped?” asked the presenter Luciano Huck. The colleague hinted that she had been blocked on social networks by Simaria. “Do you know a song by Gusttavo Lima that says: ‘I remembered that I was blocked’?” Simone said with a laugh. However, the atmosphere became heavy and both the presenter and the other artists featured on the attraction, including singer Jojo Todynho and Father Fábio de Melo, did not laugh. The singer then stated, “You gotta laugh, man”.

Afterwards, she explained that the decision to end the duo was her sister’s, who no longer wanted to sing. As in other interviews, Simone pointed out that the duo’s cycle was ending. She also took advantage of the space and sent a message to Simaria: “I will make it very clear here on national television, this is what I always say, she is the reason of my life, she is the love of my life, I owe her much of what I am today. So if for some reason she’s mad at me, forgive me, but I don’t know. My door, my cell phone, my home, my love for you will always stand, because you are one of the most important things I have in my life.” Last July, amid rumors of the duo’s divorce, fans noticed that Simaria had unfollowed Simone on social media.

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