Should Xbox fans worry about the new fable?

Should Xbox fans be concerned about the new Fable? The short answer is yes. Right now, there are a few red flags suggesting fans may be disappointed when the series finally returns after years of dormancy. The new game – which is seemingly a reboot – was announced on July 23, 2020 with a cinematic teaser trailer. It’s been crickets ever since. In a vacuum, this isn’t all that remarkable or disturbing, but with context, it is.

The first red flag was present at the time of the unveiling. The game is developed by Playground Games. Founded in 2010, Playground Games has released five games in its 12 years of existence, and these five games are Forza Horizon by means of Forza Horizon 5. And these games are great, but Forza Horizon is a racing series. The difference between making a racing game and an open world action RPG is significant and would have required many people to assume, a difficult process in itself. This is the first red flag.

The second red flag is the reports and scuttlebutt that the game has had some development issues. It’s hard to know how much weight to put on unofficial information, but even a former developer hinted at these issues. And to some extent this is related to the first point, because you would expect a team to struggle to dive into a new genre, especially if it means incorporating a lot of new employees into your system.

The third and final red flag comes directly from Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios. During a recent interview, Booty said that Playground Games wants to bring a “modern take” to the series. This was immediately met with hesitation and concerns from fans. Of course, modernizing an old series isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the language used by Booty screams corporate jargon to broaden the game’s appeal to a more casual audience. And that worries fans of the games of yesteryear.

Obviously this is all speculation. But if this were Vegas, you probably wouldn’t put all your money into this game. The game could become phenomenal and all these worries and concerns could disappear once the gameplay is revealed. For now, however, many are beginning to worry about the expected title.

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