She-Hulk’s Tatiana Maslany and Scream’s Jasmin Savoy Brown in new sci-fi horror

Tatiana Maslany became famous for playing multiple characters Black orphan, which earned her an Emmy in 2016. Last year, Marvel fans got to know Maslany as She-Hulk/Jen Walters, and many people are curious when she will return to the franchise. While her MCU future is currently unclear, Maslany does have an exciting project next to her Yellow jackets and scream star, Jasmin Savoy Brown.

According to VarietyMaslany and Brown have been cast in a new sci-fi horror movie called Green sofa which was written by Aaron Horwitz (The cleaning hour) and is led by Josh Ruben (Scare me, Werewolves in). You can read a description of the movie here:Green sofa takes place in a real American city where Wi-Fi, cellular service, and all other radio transmissions are strictly prohibited. The film follows baby sleep trainer Sloan (Brown), who realizes that the parents of the child she cares for are much more than the ignorant yuppies they appear to be.

Ruben explained: “In a marketplace where original horror thrillers beat at the box office, we need no further proof that audiences want to go back to having fun at the cinema. That’s the magic word. Fun. Horror is the bulletproof genre, and Green sofa has the full package – it’s smart, scary and insanely funny.”

Bishop added, “Josh has envisioned a perfectly timed roller coaster of horror that skillfully delivers on its promise to shock, excite and terrify audiences, all while keeping them grinning from ear to ear. Green sofa is wall-to-wall, terrifying fun led by a hugely talented cast drawn from beloved franchises. This fresh, subversive take on the genre, which continues to dominate at the box office, is the perfect offering for our partners.”

Marvel fans are still waiting to find out if She Hulk gets a second season or if Maslany reappears in another project. There are many places Jen could appear, including Hulk from World War IIwhich has not been officially announced but was teased in the She Hulk final. Maslany recently spoke to TV line about the series and was asked about her MCU future. Currently, she claims to know nothing about what’s next, but we all hope this is a classic lie from a Marvel star.

“Maybe,” Maslany joked about her MCU return. ‘I actually do not know. I wish I could like it, pretend to be coy and tease something, but I really have no idea.”

Are you excited to see Tatiana Maslany and Jasmin Savoy Brown team up for Green sofa? Tell us in the comments.

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