She-Hulk VFX Supervisors Talk About Keeping KEVIN A Secret (Exclusive)

She-Hulk: lawyer wrapped up its first season earlier this fall and it certainly left the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a unique place. Fans were nothing short of excited to see the events of the show’s season finale, in which Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) broke the fourth wall and came face-to-face with KEVIN, a robotic entity who runs the show. draws from the entire MCU. The robot was intended as a clever tribute to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige for VFX supervisors at Digital Domainwho helped bring KEVIN to life, translating the energy of the real man into a larger-than-life CGI character was a unique challenge.

“Oh yeah, that’s scary, but it was pretty cool,” Digital Domain Animation Supervisor Elizabeth Bernard told me ComicBook. com in an exclusive interview. “We dug up some old Comic-Con footage of him giving a 30 minute interview. We had that on our system so the animators could really dive in and see if they could find things he did that made him feel like himself One thing we noticed was he talks with his hands a lot, so we found some unique ways he put his hands together when he made a point and we ended up using that a lot in the KEVIN range on the robot “We often had visible claws that came together and grabbed each other. And of course there’s the hat.”

“The nice thing was that we started so early,” repeated Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Phil Cramer. “I think most of us on the team didn’t think this would be on the show because it seems so bizarre. We then read the dialogue that was meant to happen and saw, ‘Oh, it’s not just that they joke about it. visually. They really joke about a lot of things in that order. Let’s see if it stays that way.” And it did. It was a really fun journey, because we helped from the very beginning. I think one of the first things we did, besides She-Hulk, was we did KEVIN. We did some random animations of him , and they really liked it. Our idea was just this older robot that is about to fall apart. We designed the room, [and] it’s meant to be an old 70’s sports bar which was great at the time but now it’s not so cool. There is dust and scratches everywhere. Somebody needs to clean this thing up, but he’s in there and happy and all hooked up. Over the months we always saw it change and evolve, and a year and a half later or two years later it was in the [series]. Incredible. super cool.”

For Bernard, even the experience of telling new animators the secret of KEVIN turned out to be a delightful experience.

“Every time a new animator joined our team, I would kick them off and explain the plot and all the characters, and give them all the context for the show,” Bernard explained. “My show coordinator always loved the moment where I would drop the KEVIN bombshell at that kickoff meeting. Because the animators, most of them know who Kevin Feige is. Many of us have worked on a number of Marvel projects before , and you’d just see the mouth drop open, or the eyes go wide, like, “What? What? What’s happening?” It was so funny.”

The first season of She-Hulk: lawyer is now available to stream exclusively on Disney+. If you haven’t tried Disney+ yet and want to give it a try, you can do that here.

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