Shayan wins race and is the new farmer of ‘The Farm 14’

That puts Deborah Albuquerque, Bruno Tálamo and Tiago Ramos in the first field of the season

RevelationBusinessman won the second farmer’s race of the season

Power has changed hands Farm. This Wednesday, the 21st, Deborah Albuquerque, Shayan and Bruno Tálamo took part in the second farmer proof in Fazenda. In the test, the pedestrians had to set up a stable and put 10 cows in it, all moving along a path on top of a horse. The first to finish took the hat. The fastest was the businessman Shayan. With that, Tiago Ramos, Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Tálamo are in the ballot next Thursday, 22. It was actor Lucas Santos who passed the hat.

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