Seth Rogen brutally detonates Marvel, sparking fan outrage

Set Rogen runs the risk of being burned with a huge fan base after claiming that he has seen the films of the Miracle and who thinks it’s “kid stuff.”

The actor and director gave an interview Total Movie Magazine and in it he commented on the subgenre of comic book adaptations, in which he is actively involved. Seth has worked on attractions such as Preacher, invincible It is The boys.

The difference between these programs and those made by Kevin Fige at Marvel Studios, he says, it’s the maturity of the stories. For him, the MCU movies are all very focused on kids’ entertainment:

“I think Kevin Feige is a brilliant guy. A lot of the filmmakers that he hired to do those movies are great directors, but as an adult with no kids, I think all that stuff is done with kids in mind, you know?

Marvel Studios logo (handout)

“Sometimes I forget, and then I look at one of them as a childless adult and I think, ‘Oh, this just isn’t for me,'” the actor confessed.

Marvel fans criticize actor after statement

However, Seth admits that without the billion-dollar movies for Marvel, nothing he’s working on in the genre would have caught on, but prefers Marvel/Disney not to have a complete monopoly on the market:

“Really, if it wasn’t for Marvel, The boys wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t be interesting. I know that. I think if it was just Marvel in the market, that would be bad. But I think it’s clearly not the case.”

Fans of the production company’s movies didn’t take it very well to be called childish. One user claims that he chose to be an “old man” and that there’s nothing wrong with continuing to watch these kinds of movies into adulthood:

“You f*cking imbecile [emojis de riso]. You don’t get older because you are older. NO, you get old because YOU don’t have fun anymore. Many adults rewatch their favorite classic cartoons. If that universe still makes someone happy, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Termite (Brett Geddes) in The Boys (Playback/Prime Video)

Another joked about the supposed “maturity” that Seth says is lacking in Marvel movies, a maturity that the user also says doesn’t exist in Seth. The boys:

“’Adult series like The Boys’ is an oxymoron. Is it classified as adult content? 100%. Is it adult content? That’s immature.”

“Adult, is it?” replied another. Last season actually started with their version of Ant-Man getting into someone’s dick and blowing him up by sneezing.”

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