Seth MacFarlane’s Ted TV series closes production

Seth McFarlane Ted television series wrapped production. MacFarlane recently took to Instagram to share that production on the Peacock series had concluded with a photo of the titular bear. He captioned the photo with words of thanks to both the stars of the series and crew, writing, “Get ready, the bear is back.” On this point, Ted doesn’t have a release date yet, but this is the series’ biggest update to date.

First announced a few years ago, the Ted series is a prequel to the 2012 film of the same name, MacFarlane’s directorial debut. Set in the 1990s, the prequel series will see the titular bear make his way to the point where we meet him at the beginning of the film. The official synopsis of the series is below.

It’s 1993 and Ted the bear’s moment of fame has passed, leaving him with his best friend, 16-year-old John Bennett, who lives with his parents and cousin in a working-class house in Boston. Ted may not be the best influence on John, but when it comes down to it, Ted is willing to do anything to help his friend and his family.

MacFarlane will direct, write, co-show run and executive produce all episodes of Ted along with co-showrunners, writers and executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh. The series stars MacFarlane as the voice of Ted, Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett, Scott Grimes as Matty Bennett, Max Burkholder as John Bennett, and Giorgia Whigham as Blaire.

“It’s a prequel set in 1993 that embraces that era, embraces the 1990s and follows what is essentially Ted’s adolescence, I think,” MacFarlane previously told Collider. ‘Ted and John’s puberty. And growing up in a Boston suburb. See, as someone who grew up in that part of the country, it’s fun to try and recreate it.”

“Seth has a superpower in creating fandoms and Ted is a shining example of his ability to create beloved characters that we can’t get enough of,” NBCUniversal Entertainment Content Chairman Susan Rovner said earlier. “We are so lucky to be able to bring this project to Peacock viewers, who will have the chance to see their favorite big-mouthed teddy bear one more time.”

Are you looking forward to it Ted? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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