Sérgio Marone explains flirting with Maraisa and talks about the motivation to launch a startup

Actor manages a company of vegan and sustainable products while working on his own projects that he plans to launch on streaming in the future

Disclosure / Jude RicheleSérgio Marone opened a startup of vegan products

Reconciling an artistic career with that of a businessman, the actor Sergio Marone has ventured into a new field: e-commerce. At the same time, he is trying to promote his own projects in streaming. In an interview with Young panthe artist gave details about the current stage of his career, talked about his store and commented on the exchange of messages with the singer Maraisa on the social networks. Away from TV since the end of the second season of “Mestres da Sabotagem”, from SBT, Sérgio has led a vegan and sustainable products startup that he founded. “I have always been very connected to the environment. In the Dilma government, I created a movement called Gota D’água that caused quite a stir. In a record time of one week, we collected one million signatures against the Belo Monte hydroelectric power station. Few people knew about it and we could talk about the production of electricity, the way it is produced in Brazil and about clean energy,” says the artist.

THE to start, called Tukano, sells different types of products ranging from ecological diapers to reusable straws, but the main focus is currently on the cosmetics line. “We have to change this mindset of saving the planet, it will stay here, we have to save ourselves. Science has been talking about global warming for 150 years and we have swept it under the rug for various reasons,” says the artist, who always tries to incorporate sustainable products into his routine. “We make choices all the time and we can choose a better future all the time For example when I go to the market I don’t buy anything wrapped in plastic because it is not recycled in our country I don’t use a green and yellow sponge to wash the dishes just a vegetable sponge, I don’t use a plastic container and I use solid shampoo and conditioner, so I don’t produce any packaging waste.”

peak of adulthood

Whenever he appears shirtless on social media, Sério receives a barrage of compliments. “I like to take care of myself, since I was a kid, because I’ve always worked with my image, but I’ve always been very basic. I don’t have a lot of discipline to have a very comprehensive self-care,” said the actor, who already started worrying about his body in his youth, focusing on the results it would bring in the future. “I have always wanted to guarantee myself a better future, I have always wanted to look good when I grow up and I think the result is there. I am 41 years old and I feel great, in fact I feel much better than when I was 20, in every way. The kick in sports is no longer the same, but we resist,” he laughs. The artist’s photos on social networks even caught the attention of Maraisa, one of the biggest names in today’s sertanejo. double of Maiara, the singer responded to a post from the artist: “Hi, my name is Maraisa. You come here often?”

It was after that message that fans started ship the artist with the actor. They joined in on the fun and started exchanging flirts on social media. “What happened [entre a gente] is what you see on Twitter. It’s a joke between friends and colleagues who push themselves, praise each other and love each other as professionals. I have a lot of fun with her and follow her on social media. There hasn’t been a meeting yet.” Requested by Young pan if you exchange private messages with the singer, Sérgio would not answer: “What I have to tell you is this [que já falei]”. Focused on his career, the artist will participate in the humorous “O Dono do Lar”, on Multishow, and is involved in entertainment projects – including a series he is trying to present to streaming services. “Streaming came to strengthen our market, it is more job creation in the entertainment industry. I had already received some invitations, but I was still not satisfied with the negotiations and could not reach an agreement,” the actor concludes.

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