Selena Gomez suffers a fatphobic attack online and responds to height

The singer and actress Selena Gomez was again the target of fatphobic attacks on the internet. She was nominated for golden Globe Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy Series for Only kills in the building and endured the attacks after attending the ceremony in a long, strapless dress.

The exclusive dress is from the brand Valentino and, contrary to what practitioners of body shaming tried to do, the actress left the situation with a lot of humor and a good dose of irony.

She decided to do a live performance on Instagram along with her sister Gracie Elliott Teefey, age 9, who accompanied her to the awards party. During the live stream, she said, “I’m a little ‘big’ now because I’ve been enjoying the holidays too much.” Soon after, he turned his face to his little sister and asked for her opinion: “right?”.

The little girl nodded yes, and Selena ended the video by saying “but we don’t care,” followed by a good laugh.

The actress has been a victim of virtual bullying at other times and even moved away from social networks in 2019, saying the negative reactions to her posts left her depressed.

Selena Gomez and sister Gracie Elliott Teefey at the Golden Globes (Play/Twitter)

Selena Gomez did not know actor Martin Short before starring in the series with him

The actress stars in the series alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short, well-known comedic actors. However, she had no idea who Martin Short was and had to do what everyone else is doing these days: turn to Google.

The one who revealed this was Martin himself, in an interview for the Actor’s Side, which was shared by the Deadline website.

‘She’s a sensational actress because she pretended to know who I was. I asked, “Selena, what did you do when you found out you were going to work with me?” and she replied, “I googled who you were,” he revealed.

Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building (Playback)

Only kills in the building was highly acclaimed by critics

The series has received numerous awards since its first season. See what the critics said:

“If Only kills in the building seems to say little about the national obsession with violence (and podcasts), at least it provides enough comedic diversion. Brian Tallerico, The Playlist.

“It’s a delightful spectacle that captures both the fun of Agatha Christie’s investigative stories and the perverse mockery of a society that uses real-life murders for entertainment.” David ReddishQuerty

“There’s a lot of laughter, including in the finale where Martin gives a wonderful performance of physical comedy, but there’s also a lot of heart in the story.” Barry Divola, Sydney Morning Herald

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