See the ‘hidden’ tattoo Patricia Poeta didn’t want to show at ‘Meeting’

Host Said She Has Two Tattoos And Plans To Get Another

Patricia Poeta spoke to ‘Encontro’ that she has two tattoos

the presenter Patricia Poet Responded to “Date” from this Friday the 30th, who has two tattoos, but one of them did not want to show the journalist. The case started in the “Bem Estar” section, when reporter Michelle Loreto reported the case of a young woman who scratched her skin and her tattoo just came off. Manuel Soaresco-host of the morning show Globe, noted that he has no tattoos. “I want to appeal here, Dona Ivonete, my mother, I want to ask you on national television to get me a tattoo. Brazil, help me. My mother won’t let me do it,” the presenter joked. The ex-anchor of “Jornal Nacional” made a proposal to her partner: “When you go to make your first tattooI’m going to do my third. I have one here [no pulso]one here [na costela] which I can’t show, right?” Patrícia added: “I’m making my third because they say it should be an odd number”. The presenter’s first tattoo was a small star on her wrist, which she did in July 2021. “The first tattoo we’ll never forget… (laughs). The person here is not the bravest,” he posted on social media at the time. She apparently has a word tattooed on her rib. Watch:

Patricia Poeta in bikini on the beach lying on a rock

Patricia Poeta has a tattoo on her rib – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/patriciapoeta

Patricia Poet

Tattoo on the rib was the second done by Patricia Poeta – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/patriciapoeta

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