Saraya reflects on her first match in almost five years with AEW Full Gear

Saraya (formerly Paige in WWE) got back in the ring and competed in her first wrestling match in nearly five years at AEW full equipment on Saturday night in Newark. Her match with Dr. Britt Baker lasted 12 and a half minutes, ending when she pinned the former AEW Women’s World Champion after hitting back-to-back Rampaige DDTs. She then reflected on the match in the post-show scrum, admitting that she felt Baker had “carried” her to a successful match.

“I have to go home to the UK recently, we did some training there, training with my family is always a plus, that’s where I started. I have to go to Santino Bros in California,” said Saraya (h/t combative). “Jungle Boy offered me his ring, but I couldn’t walk around there. I’ll go there and ask him to use his ring. I trained a lot. I didn’t try to hobble around 100% until I knew my neck was in was okay and then it was a mundane thing I even had an autograph and I had to cancel it because I had to focus on this I was 100% into this It took a lot and I know I’m rusty It’s been five years ago and I tried to give 110% and I felt like I did I gave as much as I could Working with Britt she is a star an absolute star She helped me a lot Long story long in short , I have been working out a lot and I will continue to do so.

“Britt was the very first signatory here, she built this division, so I totally understand that,” she added. “I was an outsider coming in but it was more between me and Britt. It was such a special moment for the two of us. I’m getting out of character a little bit here, but I feel with Britt, she really carried me. ” this whole thing. Really, she is an absolute professional. I was rusty doing the promos and things like that. I felt we delivered a really good in-ring promo and the next week she did this beautiful babyface promo, ‘Oh man, this is going to be tough.’ With me and her there is no real heel or face, you just cheer who you want to cheer for. You either applaud the homegrown talent or you applaud the girl coming back from a career-ending injury.”

Baker starred later in the night, assisting Jamie Hayter in defeating Toni Storm for Toni Storm’s Interim AEW Women’s World Championship. Stay tuned for full coverage of the Full Gear impact!

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