Sarah Paulson makes a surprise appearance during the Pedro Pascal episode

That has been well documented for years The last of us star Pedro Pascal is very good friends with American horror story favorite Sarah Paulson. The pair have been seen at events together, even shouting at each other for their friendship, and now they’ve finally worked on a project together after Sarah made a surprise appearance on the episode of Saturday Night Live that Pascal was hosting. The high hour sketch for Pascal’s episode began as a school meeting where Pascal was revealed to be Mr. Ben, a clear student favorite who told them a thing or two about being online.

The sketch makes it clear that the Gen-Z students who are taught by Pascal’s Mr. Ben have a great deal of affection for him, leading to multiple fancams about him and his appearance at school. After being called “Daddy” by the students several times, they go into detail about how being online has broken their brains, and why they had to make Mr. Ben “Daddy” and “Mrs. Jenny” into “Mommy.” Then it becomes revealed that Mrs. Jenny is none other than Sarah Paulson.

“Honey, they’ve been through so much,” Pascal says, turning to Paulson. ‘Let’s just tell them the truth. Miss Jenny and I, we’re in love.’ Paulson then replies, “Fine, it’s true. He’s Daddy, I’m Mommy, and we’re all a happy family. No more crumbs.” The students and audience then cheered.

Considering his roles as The Mandalorian in the hit Disney+ series and as Joel in The last of us, Pascal’s affinity with becoming a dad has been palpable for a few years now. In a recent interview with ET, Pascal was asked if he knew he was “the father of the internet,” to which he replied, “Yeah, I’m your cool, slutty dad.” It’s gone viral ever since.

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