Ryan Reynolds Brings Back Walking Dead Characters For New Maximum Effort Commercial

Maximum Effort isn’t just another Deadpool slogan. It is also the name of deadpool Ryan Reynolds’ production company, as well as a mantra by which the company works. That mantra was on full display Sunday night during the company’s new commercial effort. Reynolds’ Maximum Effort definitely did the most for a series of short commercials that aired during The living Dead series finalegoing so far as to bring fallen characters from the series back into their undead forms to advertise various products.

The commercial saw Walking dead alum Joe Ando Hirsh, Dallas Roberts, Andrew J. West and Laurie Holden all reprise their roles, albeit as undead zombies who could talk. They advertised various products such as DoorDash, Autodesk, Ring, and Deloitte, though it seems like the entire ad was an attempt to promote MNTN Performance TV. You can watch the commercial in its entirety below!

“Maximum Effort brought a few characters back to life for [The Walking Dead] tonight,” Reynolds wrote in a tweet, sharing the commercial. “It was a stupid amount of work and fun, especially for commercials that will only run once. Also…Worth it.”

The commercial began with Hirsh’s character Rodney, who was nothing more than a head fallen off a pike, ordering DoorDash from a phone via a severed finger in his mouth. Milton from Roberts came next and gave a presentation on Autodesk. West’s Gareth hid in his house and used a Ring doorbell to sort out the people he didn’t want to let in. Finally, Holden gave Andrea a few segments in the commercial. She first appeared in the governor’s office, surrounded by heads in jars, talking about Deloitte. After Reynolds began speaking, Holden interrupted and explained MNTN Performance TV, a program that allows companies to advertise their products on television.

This is one of many Reynolds ventures for which Maximum Effort makes commercials. Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin, two of Reynolds’ companies, have benefited from several clever commercials, often featuring celebrity guests. Reynolds is also co-owner of Wrexham AFC, a professional football club in Wales, alongside Rob McElhenney.

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