Rumor killer on WWE’s planned 2023 Money in the Bank winner

What once started as a guaranteed look at WWE’s next World Champion has quickly turned into nothing more than an uncertain chance. Introduced in 2005, the Money in the Bank Briefcase led to ten consecutive successful cash-ins until 2012 when John Cena won his guaranteed title by disqualification when the Big Show interfered with his Raw 1000 WWE title match against then champion CM Punk. After Cena broke the streak of success, future winners such as Damien Sandow, Baron Corbin, and Braun Strowman would all leave their cash-in matches with no gold around their waists. Most recently, 2022 Men’s Money in the Bank winner Austin Theory used his shot on WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins, but lost to Bobby Lashley thanks to outside interference.

Even with the recent rocky results of the Money in the Bank contract, WWE could be looking to spice up the match in 2023. There are reports that the company is considering the WWE money in the bank premium live event all the way and moving the ladder match back to its original home, WWE WrestleMania. In addition, rumors have been circulating that SmackDown superstar LA Knight was a lock to take the briefcase home next year.

Just like the status of the premium live event, a new report from Conflicting selection has stressed that winning the contract by Knight is not guaranteed at all.

“I love LA Knight, but we don’t even have final plans across the board for months down the road, let alone the money in the bank for next year,” an anonymous WWE source told me. competitive. “If we wanted it on him that much, it wouldn’t have been hard to accept [Austin] Theory is to put on him. I’ve never heard him talk in the same conversation as Money in the Bank. Not that it couldn’t happen, because he’s a great artist, but it hasn’t been discussed.”

Knight recently made his official main roster debut after playing Max Dupri for months. Since divesting Maximum Male Models, Knight has turned heel and is involved in a feud with Bray Wyatt.

While Knight is new to the WWE crowd, the 40-year-old wrestler is no spring hen. After participating in The Rock reality TV series The hero in the early 2010s, Knight found success in Impact Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance as Eli Drake before making the jump to WWE in 2021.

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