Robert Pattinson had a panic attack when he tried to break the curse

Robert Pattinson said he had been deceived by himself into thinking he had conquered his own trauma in dancing only to publicly fall in love with it.

The Batman actor spoke to the ES magazine and talked about his experience in the Dior perfume commercial, where he dances. According to the actor, he always had a phobia of dancing in front of other people.

After the commercial was shot, he said, Robert I thought I had conquered the fear and decided to put that to the test by going dancing at night. According to him, the result was one of the worst moments of his life:

“I thought I broke my curse when I shot that scene, but a few weeks later I went to this party thinking I looked like Billy Elliott or something. As soon as I stepped foot on the dance floor, I had one of the biggest panic attacks I’ve ever had in my life.”

Robert said he understood he had overestimated his abilities and should have taken it easy.

“You know those times when you think you’re the man, and then suddenly life comes along and makes you acknowledge your humility by force? Yes, it was the same feeling as when my father caught me driving without a license. I got cold; I think I left after that.”

keeper 2 is already in pre-production: Robert Pattinson has been confirmed

Robert gained new career momentum after returning from independent films to the mainstream with keepercommanded by Matt Reeves.

Even without official confirmation of production from Warner Bros. the director has already made it clear that the script is being written.

Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves on the set of Batman (Reproduction)

“We’re already deep into it and my partner Mattson and I are writing it, and it’s really exciting,” he revealed during a recent chat. “I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing.”

The director was also full of praise for Robert, whom he reaffirmed as the film’s lead actor. Matt admitted that the chemistry between him and the actor is perfect and that he expects a great one keeper 2. “[Estou] very excited to be able to do this with Rob because I think he’s a very special actor and person,” he said.

keeper is available on HBO Max.

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