Robbie Williams compares sex addiction to cocaine and thanks his wife for her help

The singer and actor Robbie Williams revealed in an interview that his wife Ayda Fieldwho he has been married to since 2010 helped him get over his sex addiction.

According to the British artist, married for 12 years and father of 4 children, he no longer wants to have sex with strangers.

During an interview with the magazine With thanks, Williams spoke more about the case: “It’s amazing for someone like me, a f**ker – to put it in vulgar terms. She gives me everything I want.”

“I don’t mean sex. My thing in the 90s was having sex with strangers, I didn’t know if I could give it up,” Williams continued. “I said to” [Field] last night that it’s very special that we’re around a lot of beautiful people all summer – and I don’t feel like doing nefarious things.”

Robbie Williams is 48 years old and Ayda Field is 43 years old, they have been together since 2006 and got married in 2010. They are the parents of Teddy, 10 years old; Charlie, seven; Coconut, of three; and Beau, two. During the interview, the actor emphasized the affection and admiration he has for his wife.

“Very empathetic, very kind, incredibly smart and very, very funny. The thing about sex with other people is that it’s a lot like cocaine. I’m not looking for cocaine anymore and that’s why I can’t find it,” he added.

Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field (photo played by Instagram)

Relive the career of Robbie Williams

Robert Peter Williams was born in the UK and has built a career as a singer, songwriter and actor. He once belonged to the band take thatwith which he later launched his solo career.

Williams has sold over 57 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling British artists in the UK.

He has been honored with seventeen BRIT awards, more than any artist, and seven other ECHO awards. As an actor he starred in What We Did Last Summer, Gangsta Granny, Derren Brown: Pushed To The Limit, Sabretooth Attack, Duckweedbetween others.

Robbie also collected several controversies during his career, such as the time when he appeared completely naked in a place.

During an interview with the program heart radio he was also found to be naked and at the request of the presenter Williams confirmed the information.

The artist also sold some of his properties and last year even stated that he had nowhere to live.

“Actually, we’re nowhere. We don’t have a house now, we’ve sold everywhere, we don’t live anywhere and we’re trying to find a new home.”

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