Rick and Morty troll fans about Rick’s potential future

Rick and MortyIn the latest installment of ‘s latest episode, Season 6 broke beyond the confines of the fourth wall to show more attention to the meta commentary the series has relied on in the past, and through it all, fans finally dragged on about the potential past and future of Rick Sanchez! With the latest episode being the main shake-up of the season, as seen in the past, the series spent quite a bit of time criticizing its own writing style when it comes to using meta-comments in its humor. At the same time, we also saw a different perspective from Rick.

As part of the episode’s exploration into writing tropes and techniques, fans are introduced to a new character named “Previous Leon”. It is explained that this character has a poison that “makes you think more and more of your life is behind you as he feeds on your released potential.” But when Rick jumps at the chance to have his own released potential used and explored in the same way, fans aren’t allowed to see it as the process nearly kills him.

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What do Rick and Morty Troll fans think about Rick’s future?

“Full Meta Jackrick” shows us an example of this power in action at the beginning of the episode, as Rick and Morty discover a potential series of future stories that lead them through surprise pregnancies, deaths, and more. This goes even further by doing one for a returning Jesus Christ, showing that he has lived a lifetime as he is slowly killed by the process. But it doesn’t work when Rick is alone.

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Rick tries to allow Previous Leon to use the ability on him, but the screen quickly goes black and it is revealed that Rick is nearly killed while alone. So not only does the series hide Rick’s potential story future from fans, it also says that forcing their hands to move Rick’s story in such a way is a bad move, and that it literally destroys the trajectory of the character’s role in would kill the series overall. .

It’s a pretty big statement to make, and it’s one that certainly raises some curious questions about their actual plans for Rick’s future. But what do you think the blacked out screen really means? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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