Rick and Morty Team Details Process Behind Season 6 Meta Episode

Rick and Morty has finally returned to Adult Swim with new episodes after a long hiatus for the past few weeks, and the team behind the series has detailed the process behind Season 6’s big meta-episode with a special new video! Season 6 got off to a somewhat understated start compared to previous seasons, as it limited the exploration of the multiverse in favor of more single-universe based episodes. But this all changed with the first episode back when the titular duo broke away from the series and started exploring a new meta-narration filled space.

Rick and Morty’The season 6 episode, “Full Meta Jackrick,” definitely had some important comments about how the series uses its meta comments, along with how other shows would do it, so it was a lot for fans to absorb. In the special Inside the Episode video for Adult Swim, co-executive producer Albro Lundy, showrunner Scott Marder, and director Lucas Gray laid out their take on landing this meta-episode the right way. Check it out below:

What Happens in the Season 6 Meta Episode of Rick and Morty?

Speaking on “Full Meta Jackrick”, Lundy revealed that the Previous Leon character is one they’ve wanted to use for a long time, but introducing him to the series would cause a huge stir. But what made the episode stick and ultimately work is the author’s use of The hero thousand facesJoseph Campbell, being a real character in the story, not only reflecting co-creator Dan Harmon’s writing style, but Harmon voicing him himself helped it all blend together.

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Speaking of Story Lord’s return, director Lucas Gray noted that they wanted to emphasize how much control the villain had in the metaworld compared to his arrival in the more mundane real world. They wanted to highlight the villain’s power while emphasizing that he will play a more mundane role later on. But what about Rick and Morty‘s big meta episode of the season? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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