Rick and Morty Star Reveals Secrets Behind Beth’s Wildest Romance (Exclusive)

Rick and Morty finally brought Space Beth fully into the fold with season 6 of the series, and the star behind both Beths opened up about their surprising romance unfolding between them. When Space Beth was first introduced to the series in the final episode of the fourth season, one of the bigger surprises was the fact that we only got to see this character again during a few sporadic appearances during the fifth season. With Season 6 shaking things up even more, Space Beth is now a full-fledged part of the Smith Family dynamic moving forward.

Rick and Morty Season 6 opened with the promise that we would see a lot more of Space Beth in the series from then on, and it was soon revealed that we would get to see a lot more than ever expected as Beth and Space Beth ended an emotionally and physically intimate romance have with each other. It was one of the wildest romances in the series to date, and speaking to ComicBook.com ahead of the upcoming Season 6 episodes, star Sarah Chalke commented on bringing this romance to life.

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A tale of two Beths

“It was so much fun. I think it totally takes Beth off guard, so it was so much fun to play this whole journey in one episode. So many different emotions,” Sarah Chalke began when asked about voicing both characters. in this romance. One of my favorite scenes to shoot maybe all season was when she goes in to talk to Rick and she’s kind of embarrassed. They forgot the ice cream and then forgetting the ice cream becomes this metaphor and Rick did it too. And while all this is happening, they also take the thread out of the space whale. And that’s just a whole thing that isn’t even discussed. But I feel like it’s just an interesting moment between Rick and Beth.”

Chalke elaborated on this, sharing how fun it is to portray this romance from two different sides of the same character: play them both in it and try to find a way to make both of their voices sound a bit unique and their personalities unique. but also to both feel like they really are Beth. Space Beth is just so much cooler and so much more ahead.”

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Chalke then spoke of the differences between the two, saying, “I notice I’m standing a little different and you hold yourself differently when you pick her up and have a little bit more of a raspy voice. Then Domestic Beth is Domestic Beth. I mean, she’s a little more uptight about the whole thing and just advises against everything. And so you usually only get to play one side of it in a scene like that. So to be able to play both felt like such a gift.”

Hopefully we get to see even more of Space Beth as Rick and Morty Season 6 returns to Adult Swim with new episodes on Sunday, November 20! But what did you think of the romance between the two Beths? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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