Rick and Morty Star Discusses Season 6’s Summer Adventures (Exclusive)

Rick and Morty’s Summer may not jump in on every adventure Rick Sanchez and her brother Morty dive into, but Beth and Jerry’s daughter recently had an episode where the fate of her family rested on her shoulders. In an interview with voice actor Spencer Grammer, who has played the role since the series’ inception, our very own Nick Valdez picked her brains when it came to her approach in voicing Summer for this final season.

Rick and Morty first premiered on Adult Swim in 2013 and introduced Cartoon Network fans to the Smith family and their mad scientist grandfather who has incredible powers but struggles with a combination of depression and alcoholism that has left him to this day haunts today. For the most part, Summer has remained a voice of reason in a maelstrom of her family’s strange traits and the season six episode, which focused on rescuing her brother and grandfather, helped show how the teen was a crucial aspect of the popular franchise remains.

All eyes on summer

In discussing her role as Summer, Spencer Grammer discussed why she enjoys bringing this character to life and how Rick And Morty’s longevity has increased her commitment to being a part of the series:

“The great thing about these characters is that they live within this family dynamic, and there’s always different facets of them that we can find. It’s been really engaging and immersive to experience the transition from a character that started out quite two-dimensional and has grown it .and turning into a very 3D character with a lot of different stories and levels and facets to her. That’s really something that’s changed in the media in general as well. It’s been fun to be a part of that over the last 10-11 year.”

Rick and Morty’s The sixth season returns this week, with a new episode arriving at midnight on Sunday, November 20, and based on the episodes that started this recent season, we’re gearing up for even more wild journeys through space and time.

What do you think of summer this season? Do you think she can take the stage for possible future villains? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the Smith Clan.

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