Rick and Morty receive good news despite controversy over Justin Roiland

Rick and Morty may be in the midst of some huge shifts due to everything happening with series co-creator Justin Roiland but there’s finally some good news for the rest of the team working on the series as a new report teases that the series is still continues to plan to move beyond the seventh season which is currently in the works. Following reports that Roiland had been charged with domestic violence charges, Adult Swim announced that they would be cutting ties with the co-creator and moving forward with the series’ currently in production seventh season.

While it was confirmed by Adult Swim that they would continue work on the seventh season along with the rest of the team, The Wrap has reported that Rick and Morty has confirmed not only returns for the seventh season, but also continues with the expanded 70-episode order. So it won’t be aborted, as the series is still expected to produce and air the 40 episodes remaining from its original 70-episode schedule.

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What happens to Rick and Morty?

With Roiland no longer attached to the series, behind-the-scenes reports have noted that the co-creator hasn’t had as much creative involvement in its final seasons compared to when it first started. On top of that, Adult Swim has announced that they will be recasting the two titular characters and probably every other character that Roiland has voiced in the series since the beginning. But at the time of writing, no official announcement has been made by Adult Swim. But fans are already wondering what that means for the future.

If Rick and Morty will likely continue with the extended episode order, also there’s no update yet on the possible release of season 7. It was previously slated for a possible launch sometime this year as part of the revamped schedule we’ve seen over the past few seasons, but it has yet to be revealed whether the behind-the-scenes changes mean the new episodes will have a delayed launch in 2024 or beyond.

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