Rick and Morty fans react to series continuing without Justin Roiland

They really did…

Many people can’t believe that a TV network actually cuts a cash cow on principles. Different world now.

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Just cancel Rick and Morty

You know it’s almost becoming a hashtag. Just look.

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He is replaceable

Years of Rick and Morty impressionists posting their own YouTube videos at least make it seem plausible that you can replace Justin Roiland in the roles.

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Won’t be the same…

Close cousins ​​of the “Cancel Rick and Morty“crowd are these gloomy souls. And who knows, we all feel just like them…

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Good talk… I hope you’re ready.

People are applauding Adult Swim’s conviction — while openly questioning how to move on without Rolan. Stone? Meet a tough place.

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Show up or shut up

It’s weird seeing Adult Swim get ultimatums in response to taking a moral stand…but the man isn’t wrong, though.

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Still so much talent

Some fans choose to leave behind the hopeful view of the larger pool of talent Rick and Morty — plus some important new voices — may outweigh what’s being lost with Justin Roiland.

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Rick and Morty’s burgers

As H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) just took over another popular role in the animated series, would we mind? Or even notice?

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But what about the gamers???

Roiland started a game development studio (Squanch Games) in 2016 and they just released a long awaited third release (High in life) in December, largely conceived and starred by Roiland. Yuck. All apologies to the team there.

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Fashion Faux Pas

That type is having a really hard time lately, isn’t it?


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