Rick and Morty fans have already found the show’s new star

Rick and Morty got in trouble, and no – Rick has nothing to do with it this time. This week, Adult Swim announced it was cutting ties with series co-creator and star Justin Roiland. As you can imagine, the move left a huge gap to fill as the embattled actor voiced the show’s leading roles. However, it seems that fans have already found the replacement of their dreams.

Who is it? Well, the talent in question is Sean Kelly. The TikTok star has made a name for himself with voices, and his version of Rick and Morty is insanely good.


Too sick to record anything new, but I wanted to introduce myself. #Voice over #impressions #rickandmorty #fyp #foryourpage

♬ original sound – Sean Kelly

If you don’t know Kelly, the actor has two million followers on TikTok, and that number is growing by the day. They started posting videos of themselves doing impressions ages ago, but their version of Rick and Morty’s leads made them an internet star. After all, even Roiland once said in an interview that Kelly’s performance was very close to the real thing. And now… well, the show needs someone to fill that gap.

Naturally, fans have been inundating Kelly with comments ever since reports confirmed that Rick and Morty will be recasting his leads. The creator of TikTok has responded with thanks and a new reel has been posted with their best impressions of the show. Of course, there’s no telling if Kelly is in the running for the show’s replacement, but fans would love to see that happen. So if Adult Swim is on TikTok, they might want to DM Kelly.

As for Roiland, the actor has yet to release a statement following his departure from Rick and Morty. Earlier today, reports confirmed that Hulu also cut ties with the actor on Koala Man and Solar Opposites. This pushback all stems from a report shared earlier this year that revealed that Roiland was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and false imprisonment. The incident in question took place in 2020 and Roiland is pleading not guilty. The actor has since appeared in court several times in the case and is expected to return in April.

What do you think of Kelly’s take on Rick and Morty? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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