Rick and Morty Co-Creator Responds to More Room for Beth in Season 6 (Exclusive)

Rick and Morty changed the Smith Family dynamic in a pretty big way by bringing Space Beth more into the fold with the first few episodes of Season 6 so far, and one of the co-creators behind the series shared their reaction to having more of Space Beth in the family with the new season! After first introducing her to the series at the end of the fourth season, only to completely ignore her during the events of the fifth season, season 6 took a big step forward when it was revealed that we will be starring fan favorite Space Beth with more frequency in upcoming episodes.

Rick and Morty Season 6 returns to Adult Swim with final episodes beginning Sunday, November 20 and to celebrate ComicBook.com getting the chance to speak with series co-creator (and voice behind many of the characters) Justin Roiland about the buzz for the new season so far. Roiland asks about Space Beth’s inclusion in the family group with this new season and feels like it’s been “fresh and exciting” to see this new character shake up the dynamic in a big way.

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More space Adding Beth in Season 6 of Rick and Morty

“I think one of the really cool things is just being able to play with the Space Beth and the Family Beth and bring them together,” Roiland began. “[H]for Space Beth to become a part of this family has been really exciting and fun and feels fresh and interesting. When talking about the big romance between the two Beths that we’re seeing play out in season 6, Roiland commented, “We’ve obviously taken that relationship to the next level and that whole storyline this season in a really interesting and fun way.” It was fun to play and play with the family that way.”

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Seeing the whole family take on more of the episodic adventures as a full unit has been one of the big things fans have loved about the new season so far, and hopefully it continues that way Rick and Morty Season 6 continues this weekend with new episodes. What do you think of Space Beth’s time? Rick and Mortythe new season so far? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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