Rick and Morty Co-Creator Explains How Rick Sees Morty and Summer Differently (Exclusive)

After a few weeks hiatus, Rick And Morty returns with new episodes on Adult Swim on Sunday, November 20 at midnight, with Rick Sanchez and the rest of the Smith Family returning as they continue to take part in surreal adventures through space and time. Recently, our very own Nick Valdez was able to sit down and pick the brains of series co-creator Justin Roiland, who more than spilled a few beans when it came to season six and the progression of the Smith Clan. Roiland also took the opportunity to dissect how Rick sees both Morty and Summer now.

Summer and Morty have played a major role in this final Adult Swim season, particularly in episodes like “Rick: A Mort Well Lived,” “Night Family,” “Final DeSmithation,” and “Solaricks,” to name a few. to call. In the season six premiere, it was re-emphasized that the current universe’s Morty came from the “Cronenberg Universe” that had fallen before a genetic experiment failed. Since both Rick and Jerry are also from different universes, Summer remains a member of the Smiths who are part of the new universe that the men of the Smith Family call home.

Rick and Morty and Summer

Roiland, co-creator of the series and the voice of Morty along with countless other characters in the Adult Swim juggernaut, explained how Rick Sanchez sees his grandchildren a little differently now in this final season thanks to the adventures they’ve had in the series. participated. :

“Summer has always been a character who doesn’t accept Rick’s sh-t and is willing to call him out and isn’t really afraid of him. That’s always been the case. I think it’s interesting to see how their relationship has developed. in a… She’s just more reliable, she can get it [things] cared for Rick. He can trust her to handle sh-t. While I think Morty, it’s like he probably wouldn’t trust one hundred percent certainty to take care of anything.

It’ll be interesting to see if Summer continues to stand up to Rick for the rest of this season and if their relationship changes in any way as more surreal adventures come their way.

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