Renault Koleos will continue until 2025 while the brand waits for new SUVs

Renault Koleos will continue until 2025 while the brand waits for new SUVs

There are no signs of a Renault Koleos replacement before 2025 and questions about its long-term future.

The Longtimer Renault Koleos will last in Australia at least until 2025.

Nissan will introduce a new X-Trail in Australia this year, but while the Japanese SUV has provided the mechanical platform for the Koleos for two generations, there’s no planned replacement for the Renault.

Renault Australia expects production of the Koleos to continue in South Korea for at least two more years as it looks to renew and refresh its SUV range with the forthcoming Austral Hybrid and all-new Scenic and Megane E-Tech electric cars.

“Koleos will walk. Certainly we will be producing all year, all of next year and all of 2024,” said Renault Australia general manager Glen Sealey journey.

“Beyond that, I’m not sure.”

Despite the aging Koleos package, Mr. Sealey believes demand for the car could increase over the next year as buyers look for maximum value and a way to avoid the long waits for many popular SUVs.

“This vehicle actually represents good value in the market,” he said of the mid-size Koleos, which currently starts at $35,000 before road cost.

“There is room in the market for such a vehicle, especially into 2023, when demand could falter. Everyone is feeling the pressure on their cost of living.

“That puts a pretty sharp focus on what you want from a vehicle – as opposed to what you want.”

Mr. Sealey reported low inventory of Koleos in the first half of this year but expects additional arrivals towards the end of 2022.

“Koleos has been very tight for the past few months, but we’re starting to get stocks,” he said.

Renault in Europe has announced plans for a new seven-seat SUV based on the new Austral and Nissan X-Trail – which would quote similar dimensions to today’s Koleos and serve as an indirect replacement.

However, with Renault Australia working on its future SUV range – through independent importer Ateco – Mr Sealey said the brand has nothing on the horizon for seven-seater buyers.

“We have no product today. And probably not anytime soon,” Mr Sealey said when asked if the seven-seat European model was planned for Australia.

“What I have planned for Australia does not include a seven-seater.”

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