Regina Duarte calls rejection of Bolsonaro ‘complete ignorance’; watch

The actress posted a video that went viral in which she says the current government is the target of brutal massacres

Reproduction/Instagram/reginaduarte/Alan Santos/PRRegina Duarte reflected on the attacks on Jair Bolsonaro .’s government

The actress Regina Duarte stated that he believes criticism of the president Jair Bolsonaro they are the result of “a complete ignorance”. In a video posted on social media, the artist recited a text about the assassination of former Egyptian President Mohamed al Sadat and finally reflected: “Hate never spreads with knowledge. It spreads through ignorance.” Then Regina made a parallel with the current political moment in Brazil. “To some extent, much of President Bolsonaro’s rejection and rejection is also due to complete ignorance. Ignorance that is the result of a massive, daily and relentless propaganda that has been slaughtering Brazilians against their democratically elected president for more than three and a half years. This ultimately ‘convinces’ a large part of the electorate that nothing in Bolsonaro’s government is positive,” the actress said. The video on her Instagram went viral and Regina was one of the most talked about topics on Twitter this Thursday 22. The former Globo contractor has shown support for Bolsonaro since the start of his administration. She was even elected by the president to take up the post of Special Secretary for Culture in 2020, a position she held for just over two months. When her departure was announced, the president announced that the actress intended to take over Cinemateca Brasileira in São Paulo.

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