Record TV reporter accidentally discovers he has a cousin during a World Cup report

The interviewee was surprised to be approached by Erick Mota and explained to the journalist that they are related; watch

Play/TikTok/erickmotaporaiRecord TV reporter Erick Mota happened to meet a cousin during an interview

the journalist Eric Motareporter for RIC TV, a station affiliated with Record TV in Paraná he met in an unusual way cousin that he didn’t even know he had. Last Thursday, the 24th, during a report on the world cup, Erick went to interview a Brazilian fan, when she said: “I don’t believe it”. The reporter couldn’t understand the fan’s reaction and wanted to know, “What don’t you believe?” The interviewee asked the reporter, “Are you my cousin?”. Eric replied, “No.” The fan asked if he is Evani’s son and after saying yes she said “So you are my cousin”. The reporter asked to interrupt the report to understand what was going on: “Wait a minute, this is now a family matter. Really?”.

Tayná Brandão, the woman interviewed, explained: “Evani is my father’s cousin. I went to your mother’s house, you were in Brasilia. I spent a weekend there.” Surprised, the journalist remarked: “I didn’t know that”. The cousins ​​hugged and posed for a picture together. Erick posted the video of this meeting on social media and the publication went viral on TikTok. In Instagram stories, he noted that many people ask why he doesn’t know Tayná and explained: “I grew up in Curitiba, my family is all from Bahia and from what I understand, this cousin is from São Paulo. I don’t know many of my relatives. Unfortunately, I grew up far from my family. I actually know my first degree relatives and some second degree relatives. It is not my fault”.

@erickmokaporai It should have been a normal day at work, until… #journalistic life #journalism ♬ original sound – Erick Mota

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