Record reporter undergoes attempted robbery in São Paulo while reporting; To look

Marcos Guimarães was preparing to go live on ‘Balance General’ when he almost lost his cell phone

Play/record TVMarcos Guimarães was playing with his mobile phone when a man on a bicycle tried to steal it

The reporter of Record TV Marcos Guimarães prepared to go live on the “General balancewhen he got an attempted robbery. The case took place on the morning of this Monday 23, in the center of São Paulo. The man, who rode by on a bicycle, tried to pull the mobile phone from the journalist’s hand, but he managed to hold onto the device and prevent it from being taken. ‘You won’t believe it, for God’s sake. I’ve been through that. Marcos Guimarasour reporter, is in the center of São Paulo and has just been the victim of an attempted robbery,” said presenter Eleandro Passaia.

Marcos went live and gave details of what happened: “It is the second time we have witnessed a robbery and this time I was almost a victim. We were here ready to make a live entrance when suddenly a man on a bicycle and a red shirt passed by. He came over once and commented: I spoke to our boss to find out the next mention of our links. According to the reporter, the attacker turned around after observation and passed the reporting team again. “We were already attentive, so I persisted [forte] the device,” said the journalist. “I yelled ‘catch thief’ but no one could stop this man.”

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