Raven-Symone reveals biggest request to reboot Cheetah Girls

Raven-Symoné said she had one special request for a possible Cheetah girls Restart. E! The news made it Raven’s house star to talk about literally getting the band back together. Leanne Aguilera delivered a great pitch for the new version of their story. But before she returns, Symoné wants her boyfriend Adrienne Bailon-Houghton back in the fold for what comes next. It’s an understandable request, because the appeal of these big reunions is having all the main cast members back together for an aging audience and their little ones to enjoy together. “You know what, if it’s with her,” the star said of reapplying her cheetah print. “You know.” So that seems like an easy question, but the real decision makers are Disney themselves. See what else she had to say here.

“You gotta hand it over to the big dogs, you know what I mean? Hey, Disney Channel Head? Let us know what you think of the field,” the star of Raven’s house said. “I’m open to good content, I’m open to positive people.”

There has already been a small Cheetah Girls reunion

Raven’s house fans will no doubt recall that Bailon-Houghton played a captain at Bayside High in the show’s fifth season. So the wheels may already be turning somewhere behind the scenes on that front. In an earlier interview with E! News, Symone explained how that cool little cameo came about.

“The writers came to me, and I think we’d already done the first episode and they said, ‘Are you friends with Adrienne?’ And I was like, ‘Adrienne? Are you talking about Choo-Chi? My Choo-Chi? Of course!'” Symone mused. “Then the next thing I know she’s the principal of Bayside High and kills the game.”

“She’s so funny, so professional, we have such a good time when she’s there and she’s for the cause. You know she’s had such a great career where her attitude could be ridiculous, but she’s the same person I met 15 years ago,” Symone praised her friend and colleague. “She’s the same human being that’s like, I love this industry and I want to do the best I can and I want to grow. And she’s still growing even though she’s had so many successes, and so the love and respect is really. and she adds something great to this season.”

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