Raul Gazolla says the series about Daniella Perez killed Guilherme de Pádua

Widower of the actress, killed in 1992, also said the series put pressure on those convicted of the crime; Padua died in November 2022 after cardiac arrest

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The actor Raul Gazollawidow of the actress Daniella Perezsaid the series “brutal pact“, of the HBO maxkilled William of Padua, responsible for the death of his ex-partner. The documentary series started in July, four months before Padua died of cardiac arrest. In an interview with the Cara a Tapa program on YouTube, Gazolla said the series put pressure on those convicted of the crime. “The show killed this son of a bitch. […] That psychopathic and egocentric killer started screaming in the four corners that he had not been interviewed. My brother, you had 29 years to tell all the lies you wanted and still wanted to tell on the show,” Gazolla said. The widower still believes that the pastor has not regretted the crime. The series was one of HBO Max’s great successes, recreating the murder of the actress and collecting testimonies from others involved in the case, such as the victim’s mother, Gloria Perez, Claudia Raia, ALexandre Frota and Gazolla yourself.

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