Rapper L7nnon opens the game talking about affair rumors with Anitta and Juliette

Speculation arose after the owner of the hit ‘Desenrola Bate Joga de Ladin’ recorded songs with the singers

Play/Instagram/anitta/l7nnon/julietteL7nnon denied that he already had an affair with Anitta and Juliette

With a reputation as a seducer, the rapper L7non commented on the rumors that he was already having an affair with the singer Anita and with the champion of “BB21🇧🇷 Juliette🇧🇷 While participating in the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, the presenters Giovanni Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme noted that the artist is successful with women. Shy, the owner of the hit Roll out Ladin’s Bate Joga replied, “I try. I tend to get what I want, I strive in all areas of life”. When asked how he approaches the people he’s interested in, the rapper said: “I like to understand the situation. For example, if I’m in a place and I see that the person really likes me, I think it’s easier for me is to come and exchange an idea” Then L7nnon stated that he doesn’t like to “sell his fish” and Giovanna joked that Anitta could do that for him, it was then that the singer stated: “We never she was my partner”. The singers collaborated on the song Oh, no🇧🇷 L7nnon also teamed up with Juliette on the track France and after that there was also speculation that they were having an affair. “If it depends on the internet, Juliette and I have been seeing each other for a long time. It’s really funny because they immediately post something. These days she sent me a video where we mock her singing “Ai, preto” and people Send, and, bro, Juliette is a really good friend. We met recently and she is very funny, we are always joking. Giovanna put the rapper against the wall: “Nothing ever happened?”. He emphasized, “Never, amen.” In the aftermath, the singer explained that “amen” is a slang term meaning not lying.

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