Rapper Ice Cube loses R$ 48 million for not taking a vaccine against Covid-19

Artist, who stated he didn’t need the immunizer, would share a scene with Jack Black in the comedy ‘Oh Hell No’

Play/Instagram/icecubeIce Cube said he was cut from the film cast because he had no vaccine

the rapper ice Cube lost a salary of US$9 million (more than R$48 million at the current listing) for refusing the vaccine against COVID-19🇧🇷 In 2021, rumors surfaced that he would have been cut from the movie “Oh Hell No”, in which he would participate as an actor. Without mentioning the name of the feature film, the artist confirmed on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast that he lost the role co-starring in the production jacket black🇧🇷 The film’s producers required all cast to be vaccinated before shooting began. “I turned down $9 million. I didn’t want to take the vaccine. Fuck this vaccine. Fuck you trying to talk me into taking it. I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now,” Cube said, stressing that the decision to leave the production was not his. The rapper claimed he was not given the vaccine, as he believes he “doesn’t need” the immunizer. “I didn’t take that shit at all. Something. Fuck them. I didn’t need that crap.” “Oh Hell No” from filmmaker Kitao Sakurai, is a comedy centered around Sherman (Jack Black), a man lovingly involved with Will’s mother, a character that would be played by Ice Cube. Will does not accept the relationship and does everything he can to break up the couple. The movie was supposed to come out this year, but the Sony photos gave no further updates on production – left open whether the project was delayed or shelved. This would not be the rapper’s first experience as an actor, the last work in Hollywood was “The Perfect Beat”, from 2020.

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